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Katana Bookends

Katana Bookends

Knowledge is like a sharp sword.

Or at least that sounds like some smart shit from some 1500 year old samurai poem. It probably is.

Keep the books on your shelf orderly in a unique way with a set of katana bookends. Despite the illusion, you won’t actually need to stab a ninja sword through all of your books. They’re held upright by bookstands hidden from view and “the sword” is actually two separate pieces joined to the stack through magnetism.

If you’re confused, click the link to see more photos of how it works.

Everyone who isn’t confused, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ninja wit of that Pride and Prejudice pun up there. Ok, now click the link to go buy the cool ninja sword book stands.

(Fake books shown in photo not included with purchase.)

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