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Michael Jackson Thriller Shirt

Michael Jackson Thriller Shirt

Tired of wearing the same boring shirts over and over again?

Maybe it’s time for a THRILLING new addition to your wardrobe!

However many people clicked away from this page after reading that last sentence, it was worth it. Shoutout to everyone who’s still reading.

This all-over print shirt features a great image of Thriller-era Michael Jackson, who looks pretty stoked about the fact that he’s about to turn into a freakin’ cat monster and try to eat his date. The background of the shirt is kind of a psychedelic collage of various other images of Michael and the word “Thriller” appears behind his head in kind-of a magazine cover font.

So, yeah, it’s pretty much an epic t-shirt. If you’re an MJ fan or trying to find a present for one, congratulations on making it to this corner of the Internet. The search is over.

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