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Drink Holder Posts

Drink Holder Posts

Ah, the great outdoors!

The sun and sky…

Real grass beneath your feet…

It’s such a nice change of pace from the rat race, spending all day inside looking at computer screens or whatever.

But you know what nature doesn’t have?


Even if you aren’t drinking beer (riiiight, lol) you’ll probably want to stay hydrated with some water or something. Canteens and flasks are cool for going camping and rugged lumbersexual shit like that but when it comes to chilling in the backyard or going to a music festival, chances are good that some beverages will be drank from cans or bottles.

And what are you gonna do when you don’t want to hold it anymore?!

Set it down on the ground for some drunk buddy of yours to knock it over?!

That is unacceptable.

Here’s what you do.

Get some of these outdoor cupholders. They’re on posts with a special thing (we’re not engineers, whatever) on the bottom to keep them secure and you can put two drinks on each one!

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