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Lawyer Up Leggings

Lawyer Up Leggings

Did you know that you have rights? The Constitution says you totally do but what are they? Who even knows?

Lawyers know! That’s who!

drunkMall’s policy when it comes to legal proceedings is super simple: LAWYER UP!

Slip and fall? Lawyer up. Fender bender? Lawyer up. Visiting the in-laws for Christmas this year? Lawyer up.

These leggings make it way easy to remember this policy by altering that Hotline Bling scheme to read 1-800-LAWYERUP, which may or may not be an actual hotline for legal advice. We didn’t check. But it’Sall Good, Man, because the association is still there to keep legal protection at top of mind!

You can get these leggings in phone book yellow through the link below. This design is also available on coffee mugs, throw pillows, doormats and duvets. (Probably not a great idea to go with the duvet.)

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