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Bulk-Fill Water Balloons

Bulk-Fill Water Balloons

Tired of getting massacred in water balloon fights after running out of ammo?

Put an end to that noise right away!

Every balloon in this bundle is connected to one hose attachment. Hook it up to any standard garden hose and turn on the water to fill up 37 water balloons at one time. When the balloons are full, simply “pluck” them off their straws and they’re ready to throw – no tying knots!

You’ll get 3 bundles of water balloons with every order and all three bundles can be filled up and ready to throw in just around 60 seconds.

That’s 111 water balloons in 1 minute!

Here’s the best part: the unfilled bundles are so small that you can easily hide them in strategic locations or even in your pocket! The enemy won’t have a clue where all your balloons came from!

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