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Frothy Beer Mugs Canvas Print

Frothy Beer Mugs Canvas Print

Art is important, if for no other reason than that bare walls are for serial killers and people who get murdered by serial killers. It’s normal human behavior to want to customize our home and office, like an external representation of our own personality.

drunkMall’s personality is beer, so we tend to really appreciate Art in the style of beer.¬†You’re likely familiar with the classics of Beer Art, such as life-sized posters of women in bikinis holding bottles of domestics. But there’s a whole new school of Beer artists coming up in the world today, creating the classics of tomorrow.

Now is your chance to be a patron of the Arts. This beautiful rendition of frothy mugs of beer is currently available in several sizes, printed directly to canvas. A canvas print is textured, which gives off a more “cultured” impression than regular prints, which are also available through the link.

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