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Fake Missile Launcher Car Lighter

Fake Missile Launcher Car Lighter

Spy toy budgets are wasted on spies.

You see James Bond fire rockets from the undercarriage of his sports car in his movie and it looks super badass. Okay.

You know that spies are real, though, right?

Spies exist and they are funded. But all those sweet surveillance dollars go to mostly boring shit like safe houses and slightly cool things like secret cameras and microphones and all that. You’d think they’d make at least one Batmobile-type car rigged full of gnarly explosives and shit. But nope.

Anyway, you can at least live your fantasies a little bit with this car lighter. It looks like a big red button that says FIRE MISSILES and it’s still a fully functional cigarette lighter, so you can enjoy the look on your passenger’s face when you hit the button after pretending to get upset at the driver in front of you!

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