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Gold NES Zelda Cartridge Backpack

Gold NES Zelda Cartridge Backpack

It’s not fair that people think adults who carry backpacks everywhere are drug dealers. Look at this backpack! We didn’t have anything even close to this awesome when we were kids! It’s not right and it’s not fair.

So, you know what?

Don’t let anyone stop you from living that dream of having the most awesome backpack of all time. If this is that backpack for you, buy this damn backpack. If it’s another backpack, buy that damn backpack. Life is far too short to live without the one backpack that makes you feel complete.

For us, it’s this backpack right here. Nothing else compares. Obviously, it’s meant to look like the original gold cartridge of The Legend of Zelda for NES, one of the best and most-loved video games of all time. This and a Powerglove, baby. That’s all we need in life.

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