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Agent Smith Sunglasses

Agent Smith Sunglasses

You don’t have to be an avatar of pure evil badassery to look as cool as a supervillain!

Agent Smith from The Matrix series has always been one of the best dressed bad guys around. Sharp suits accessorized with sunglasses cut at severe angles. It’s a look that, in theory, should work for many types of people.

drunkMall featured these shades in our Gift Guide for Villains but they are definitely cool enough to deserve a post of their own – so here we are!

M.2. specializes in offering reproductions of sunglasses from The Matrix movies. You can score sunglasses in the style of those worn by Morpheus, Trinity, The Twins and three entirely different designs based on shades worn by Neo. So if you’re not feeling the Agent Smith style, then you should still hit up their site and see what else they have in stock.

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