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Pepperoni Pizza Pasties

Pepperoni Pizza Pasties

We’re all about freeing the nipple at drunkMall but if a lady (or guy) wants to cover up their hot spots with pasties (or is required to by law) then you might as well make it interesting!

Pastease is the plug when it comes to nipple pasties. It’s like they’ve got someone sitting in a room full-time thinking of things that haven’t yet been used to cover nipples, then using them to cover nipples. From spiderwebs to unicorns to pot leaves and pizza, they do it all!

Who’s on Instagram? We’re @drunkmall and we love Instagram! We’ve noticed a pattern where accounts that post photos of nearly naked ladies have a lot of followers. We can’t say if that’s more of a cause or a correlation but sex + comedy = success has been a pretty standard formula in Hollywood for decades.

Also everyone loves pizza. So grab a few pair of pizza pasties and schedule a photoshoot!

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