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Upside Down Wine Glass

Upside Down Wine Glass

Now this is a story all about how your wine got flipped, turned upside-down…

Okay, okay… Sorry for getting the Fresh Prince theme song stuck in your head but it was too good to pass up.

So, yeah, this is an upside down wine glass!

You can tell everyone that you think they’re clever or cool-looking or whatever but here’s the scoop: if you fill the bulb and stem all the way up, one of these wine glasses holds about half of an entire bottle of wine.

Yeah, you were gonna drink it anyway but you were gonna have to use multiple pours to do it.

Why mess around?

If you don’t fill it all the way (or if you drink away the top of your pour) then the glass really does give the effect of holding a full glass of wine upside down without spilling any of the contents.

You should be aware that there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to actually drinking from the glass. Like, you don’t have to be a physics major to look at the thing and see how it would be really easy to spill wine all over yourself. So take it slow and easy your first time, okay?

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