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Gary Busey Photo with Pre-Printed Autograph

Gary Busey Photo with Pre-Printed Autograph

What could be kitschier than an autographed Gary Busey headshot 8×10?

How about a Gary Busey headshot 8×10 that was mass produced with a pre-printed facsimile of his autograph?!

Here’s how that conversation might go:

“Wow, sweet Gary Busey photo!”


“And it’s autographed, too! Did you get to meet Gary? What’s he like in real life? Is he crazy? What’s he like?”

‘Oh, nah, I just bought that off the Internet. They just printed a bunch of them up with what his autograph looks like already on there.’




‘…Welp! We should probably get headed to the funeral, ‘cuz everyone’s waiting on you to give the eulogy. It’s too bad about your dad. I’m really sorry.’

“Aw, don’t worry about it! You know, I’ve never told anyone this but he was secretly a serial killer, so it’s probably best that he’s gone now and nobody ever found out while he was alive. I’ve kind of been planning on letting everyone know today at the service but now I’m, like, super nervous about it? Oh, snap is that Point Break on Blu-Ray?!”

‘You know it!’

“Brah, screw this funeral noise. Let’s watch Point Break!”

‘Hell yeah!’

high five

…aaaand, scene.

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