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8 Foot Wide Weather Balloon

8 Foot Wide Weather Balloon

Now THAT is a big balloon!

Many times when people report having seen a UFO, the “official” explanation is that a weather balloon was in the area and happened to catch the moonlight just right and look all extraterrestrial-ish and shit.



If that were true, then weather balloons would look cool as fuck with a little LED unit placed inside and we’d use them at all our parties. Like, really big weather balloons. Like eight foot wide weather balloons!

Wait, maybe that’s a cool idea?

The description says the balloons are made from fragile material, so they’ll break easily instead of causing damage when impacting with other objects in their flight. But if you’re careful then you could probably get a little battery-operated LED unit in there, right?

Just make sure to securely tether any weather balloons filled with any lighter-than-air gas. They’re literally made to to fly very, very far away – so if it gets away then it’s gone forever!

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