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Lite Brite

Lite Brite

Didn’t ever get to have a Lite Brite when you were a kid?

Make your inner child run circles around the living room out of excitement by picking one up now!

They’re still just as neat as ever…

The flat panel is backlit and placing pegs into the included templates adds color to the light to create a cute little scene!

One improvement over the classic design of the Lite Brite is that the templates used to be made out of paper and, as such, not very reusable. Now the templates are made of plastic, so you can use them over and over again.

The scenes are all pretty standard “kid drawing” type stuff. But there is definitely something disturbing about the example shown in the photo above. If you can’t tell, that’s a cat sitting and staring (presumably hungrily) at a goldfish bowl with “BFF” above…

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