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Pac-Man Yoga Pants

Pac-Man Yoga Pants

Decades before America became obsessed with Hot Yoga, we had a different kind of fever: Pac-Man Fever!

Combine two fads into one with a pair of Pac-Man yoga pants! If you forget about the whole “sitting in the dark playing video games” aspect, Pac-Man has a lot in common with fitness programs. Think about it: they both take hard work and determination to become the best, you’re always trying to beat your own top score and no one else will ever be as proud of you as you are of yourself when you finally achieve your goal!

Yoga doesn’t have ghosts, though. Maybe if it did we’d be more willing to drag ourselves out of bed on Saturday mornings and make it to a class once in a while….

Anyway, these leggings are anything but basic so hook yourself up with a rad ’80s look today!

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