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Nerf Herder Stash Bag

Nerf Herder Stash Bag

Are you a Nerf Herder?

To some people it’s an insult. But to others, it’s a way of life! (And to many more people than either of those groups, it’s an inside joke from the Star Wars movies. Get with the times, ya normie..)

Then you’ll love this new stash bag we found on Society 6. Featuring dat boi Han Solo brandishing his badass ray gun (oh shit waddup), there’s no better place in this galaxy or another to store your cargo.

We like the zippered pouch but all Society 6 designs can be ordered on other products, like shirts, phone cases, shower curtain, coffee cups, etc. If you don’t need a new stash bag right now, you should definitely hit up the link to see what options are available with this Nerf Herder design!

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