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Cookie Dunking Hook

Cookie Dunking Hook

Have you recently won the lottery or come into a large sum of money through the passing of a family member? It’s time to stop dunking cookies in milk with your own fingers like a common peasant!

Use a cookie hook!

The people who make it call it something else but come one, that’s a cookie hook, bro. Hook any kind of sandwich cookie – hydrox, ginger-o’s or even something homemade – and you’re all set for full-penetration milk dunking with nary a crumb on your finger or god forbid the dreaded milk-to-thumb contact.

That’s right. We’ll say it again. This cookie hook lets you go FULL-DUNK with zero milk-to-thumb contact. This is a mind-blowing development in snacking science, friends. We’ve entered uncharted territory and there’s no going back.

Be a part of the dunking revolution – get your cookie hook today!

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