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Gorilla Prisoner Costume

Gorilla Prisoner Costume

Put yourself in a cage this Halloween!

This hilarious costume gives the illusion that you’re being held prisoner in a cage by a (presumably hostile) gorilla!

There are two fundamental approaches to a Halloween costume.

One is to do it yourself. That can have great results, for sure. Maybe you’re a total pro at planning epic costumes months in advance and putting in all the work to make something totally unique. More power to you. But there’s also your counterpart – the person who waits until 1 hour before the party to dig around in their closet and see what kind of bullshit excuse for a costume they can throw together.

And the other approach to Halloween is to crack open your billfold, pull out a credit card and swipe your way to a new costume in one easy transaction!

You’re a busy person. Leave it up to the professionals.

What, you’re gonna toil away in the garage for days and days recreating this effect or just buy the damn thing and have the funniest costume at the party?

The choice is yours.

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