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Dripping Clock

Dripping Clock

Time keeps on drippin’ into the future!

Like a surrealist painting come to life, this trippy clock hangs over the edge of a shelf as if it had been liquified by intense heat or as though the very fabric of spacetime were morphing before your very eyes!

It is, somehow, still a functional time piece with quartz precision movement.

The bent frame of the clock is weighted so that it will stay securely hanging from the shelf, requiring no drilling or tool or installation of any kind. Simply take it out of the clock and place it on the edge of the shelf (or mantle) where you’d like it to live.

Just remember to warn any of your ex-hippie friends or they might think they’re having an acid flashback!

Now, if we could just figure out where to find one of those elephants with tall skinny legs…

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