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Smart Bikinis

Smart Bikinis

Imagine never getting sunburned again.

Okay now put your imagination back in the box of things you haven’t used since you got a Netflix subscription – the technology is real!

Spinali Design has created “smart bikinis” that performs several functions. Waterproof electronic sensors connect to iPhone/Android app to transmit and track information based on weather and how long the bikini wearer has been out in the sun.

You can even set up the bikini to alert the person you’re with when it’s time for you to have more sunscreen applied to your back!

With 70 different swimsuit designs, this isn’t some clunky tech that will make you look like a weirdo while on vacation. The smart bikini looks just as good as a regular bikini – nobody will have any idea that you’ve taken skin care and safety to the next level!

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