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Dog Cottage Kennel

Dog Cottage Kennel

Here’s something for everyone who has a few thousand dollars they can’t decide whether or not they should light on fire.

Don’t light that money on fire!

Think of your dog!

You can take all those thousands of dollars and invest them in a huge dog kennel that looks like a cozy cottage house. Well, it looks like about half of a house. If you take a closer gander at that picture up there then you’ll see fencing on the left side of the structure. (No, not French guys dressed in white suits fighting with stupid little swords. What’s the matter with you? Fencing like a fence…)

The entire back of the structure is like a regular fenced in dog kennel, which is nice because dogs don’t generally survive for very long in closed up wooden sheds on hot days. There’s actually not much “inside” to this thing except for the little tunnel that runs from the “doggy door” style entrance (lockable) back to the open-air kennel.

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