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Porking Piggies Salt and Pepper Shakers

Porking Piggies Salt and Pepper Shakers

Shake things up in the kitchen!

This salt and pepper shaker set (obviously) looks like a couple of pigs doing one of probably, like, four total things pigs ever actually do: fuck.

For fans of pigs, porkin’, salt and/or paper, you can pick this shaker set up for yourself now or grab one to give a buddy when the next gift giving occasion rolls by on the calendar.

Who knows – those pigs look so happy with themselves that you and a houseguest may just be inspired to make some bacon of your own! It’s always best when you do the dirty work yourself, really get in their with your hands and take care of business!

The shakers are made of ceramic, so this is a high quality product that you’ll keep around for years to come. It may even become a family heirloom!

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