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T. Rex Pinata

T. Rex Pinata

Ever want to shove a bunch of candy up the backside of a ferocious dinosaur and then beat it with a stick?

Of course you have! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

You know, there’s probably a person whose entire job at a piñata factory is to test out new designs. Can you imagine how awesome that job would be?! Just hanging out, waiting for them to bring in the latest piñata design so you can hit with a stick over and over again to make sure it doesn’t break too soon or too late. What a life…

Anyway, this particular T. Rex piñata is a little under two feet tall and can hold about two pounds of candy or toys inside of it. The hole to insert your fun stuffing (it’s only perverted if you make it perverted, pervert) is pre-made and there’s a built in loop on top for hanging the piñata.

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