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Skeletal LED Gloves

Skeletal LED Gloves

Festival season is coming up quick but true party people know that the scene never quits.

When it gets cold outside, the crowd moves inside! Stand out in those dark rooms with bright lights on your body!

These gloves are wired with LED lights that look kind of like the bones of a skeleton. (If you’re a doctor or something, nobody cares, dude. Yeah, it’s not an anatomically correct reproduction of the bones of the hand. You don’t have to get salty in the comments about it.)

Stock up on these gloves in different colors and you can even lend some to friends and hit the spot with teamwork. Bonus points for looking up the old video for Daft Punk’s “Around the World” and learning the choreography. But you don’t have to take it that far if you don’t want.

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