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Hooded Cow Onesie

Hooded Cow Onesie

“Honey, you look just like a cow in your new pajamas.”

Not high on the list of things you should say to your significant other in most normal situations. But this hooded cow onesie showing up in the mail is not what most people would call a “normal” situation!

Good luck finding a more comfortable pair of pajamas than this, by the way. Made of coral fleece with a stretchy relaxed fit, it’s basically like walking around while wearing a favorite blanket.

Put up the cow head hood for some extra warmth up top. But be careful – someone might try to milk you* when they think a black-and-white dairy cow is running around the house!

*Cow pajamas do not provide milk. Udders not included. Please stop writing letters of complaint to the manufacturer. Seriously.

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