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BAD pin

BAD pin

Who’s BAD?

Oh, there’s no doubt about it! Show ’em you bad with this enamel lapel pin from Yesterdays. It’s a picture perfect recreation of Michal Jackson’s landmark BAD album from 1987

A lot of people talk shit on BAD but those people are triiiiiipping hard. Maybe Thriller had more hits on it but Thriller also had that bullshit Paul McCartney duet, which is one of the worst songs ever recorded. “The doggone girl is mine”??? Ugh, make it stop.

If you haven’t listened to it in a while, you need to listen to BAD again. It’s some of Michael’s best lyrical work, his sleaziest grooves and you will feel very, very bad to the bone while it’s playing!

This pin isĀ about an inch wide – a polished silver plate with red enamel and a black rubber backer.

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