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Stark Shield Backpack

Stark Shield Backpack

Just in case you haven’t checked the television forecast in the last three months, winter is here.

What does that mean?

Well, basically, life will suck a lot extra until “winter” is no longer “here,” or something…

You get to watch a good TV show but also you have to fight all these undead/unkillable scary monster things and just everyone you know will probably die.

Now we’re not saying a good backpack or a shield will save your life from this terror but maybe it will help.

This is a backpack modeled after the Stark family’s shield. You can see the direwolf right there. If you aren’t #TeamStark, well, maybe you need to stop thinking along the lines of short-term favoritism and start playing the long game.

There’s one character in the show that can literally time travel and affect the past. Check out his last name and then you tell us, who do you think’s gonna end up on the Iron Throne?

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