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Super Loud Pocket Alarm

Super Loud Pocket Alarm

If you can’t immediately think of 10 reasons why you need to own a pocket-sized device capable of creating blasts of noise over 100 decibels in volume… Well, your inner child needs to be let out to play.

First, obviously, this blaster should never be used indoors. That’s dangerous.

Second, how cool is this?!

Airhorns used to be these big, spraypaint can-sized deals. Awkward to carry around and not discreet at all. If these mini-blasters are the kind of thing all this technology stuff is good for, sign us up! Technology is badass, y’all!

Each “SCREECHER” sonic blaster contains 20 quick and high-pitched blast. It works the same way as an airhorn – just press down on the top to sound off the alarm. Fun but also practical for hikers or nature walkers to scare of large predators or make sure you can be found in case of an accident.

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