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Pizza Yoga Mat

Pizza Yoga Mat

Pizza is the only reason to do most things in life.

Yoga is chill. It’s whatever.

But has anyone dragged you to one of these hot yoga classes yet?

It’s brutal. They crank the thermostat up to like a hundred degrees, which sounds rad because it’s wintertime and cold toes are real, but hold up a second because it turns out you don’t get to just hang out and be warm and stuff. Nah, they want you to do all this extra yoga stuff, which you thought you liked because, you know, chill vibes and stuff, but doing yoga in 100-105 degree rooms makes sweat an obscene amount of liquid from your pores. And you’re in a room with a bunch of other people and their sweat.

So basically the only reason to do this is because you think it’s good for you and you think that’s a great excuse to let yourself have pepperoni pizza.

This yoga mat will remind you of that pepperoni pizza when you need it most.

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