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Clamp-On Cup Holder

Clamp-On Cup Holder

The excellence and utility of this clamp-on cupholder can not be overstated.

Most of us begin life with supreme confidence, even cockiness, in our ability to temporarily place a cup of liquid on or near important belongings without suffering ill consequences. Ah, the exuberance of youth! Those days never last forever…

Eventually you learn that having a sturdy and safe place to rest a beverage is crucial. Please note that we’re talking about cupholders here and not coasters. Coasters aren’t gonna do shit to keep you from spilling a drink. A cupholder is a recessed area for holding a drinking vessel.¬†And the closer that drinking vessel will be to a laptop, the more¬†necessary a cupholder becomes.

Most tables don’t have cupholders built into them. That’s because we live in a world full of adults who are overconfident in their ability to not spill drinks on other people’s electronics.

Fortunately, this product fixes that problem. Simply clamp the cupholder onto pretty much any table that isn’t a solid block of marble or something and you’re good to go… Or, stay, rather. Good to stay!

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