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Urinal Shot Glasses

Urinal Shot Glasses

Anyone ever wonder why getting really drunk is called getting shitfaced?

It doesn’t really make any sense.

99% of the times you’ve used the word “shitfaced” to describe what you did last night, did shit come anywhere near your face?


But chug a six pack of beer before watching a movie. Halfway through, you’ll have to piss so bad your eyeballs will feel like they’re floating. That’s right, folks – can we make pissfaced a thing?

It just makes more sense!

Whether you’re on board with this new contribution to the drunken vernacular, everyone can appreciate the novelty of these shot glasses that look like tiny urinals. Made of ceramic and holding the standard 1.5 ounces of liquid each, these little drinking vessels are just the delivery device for all those shots that will have you searching for a full size urinal before long!

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