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Can Safes

Can Safes

When was the last time you were over at a stranger’s house and thought, “I’m gonna look in this dude’s soup cupboard and see if he’s got any money or other valuables hidden in there”?

Yeah, never. That’s a thing that has never happened.

You’ve probably never even looked in your friend’s soup cupboard, like, at all. In fact, your friend probably doesn’t even have a soup cupboard because is that even a thing?

Anyway, the point is that of all the places in your home you could hide stuff you don’t want anyone to find, wherever you keep your soup is one of the best.

That’s why these stash safes are designed to look virtually identical to an ordinary can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. Just make sure you have it next to and probably behind other, real cans of the same thing!

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