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Giant Octopus Kite

Giant Octopus Kite

Go fly a kite!

Really, you totally can and should! This huge octopus kite just as easy to fly as any regular kite. Actually, since this kite requires no assembly at all, then it’s probably even easier to fly than a “normal” kite!

The Hengda kite Octopus comes in a small package (about 6″ x 8″) but don’t let it fool you. When unfurled, the octopus body is nearly three feet wide and its “tentacle” streamers extend over 13 feet below!

The unique construction makes it very simple to get this kite in the air. It flies on days other store-bought kites won’t! This octopus kite is very, very inexpensive. The seller linked through our button below has it priced under $10!

The one potential downside is that it ships with a basic handle but you can buy a much better handle that comes with over 500 feet of string and use it instead.

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