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Full Bottle Wine Glass

Full Bottle Wine Glass


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending February 14th, a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day, at home with a bottle of wine. But some of us have friends who are unfamiliar with this esteemed holiday, choosing instead to spend that date celebrating some other Pagan rite we don’t care about very much.

Those ill-informed friends of ours, they can get a little weird when we tell them our plans. It’s sometimes easier to do a little “under-reporting” and say we’re going to chill at home with a glass of wine. This is about as subtle as “Netflix and chill” because everyone knows what it means by now but it is still kind of a lie. (“No. I said I was gonna have a glass of wine. I did. Now I’m gonna have another glass.”)

There is no longer a need to tell even the smallest of friendly fibs when it comes to evening plans! Have one glass of wine and only one – just make it an extra-large glass that happens to hold an entire bottle!

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