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Wu-Tang Sword Logo Shirt

Wu-Tang Sword Logo Shirt

Display your allegiance to the one and only Wu-Tang Clan with this epic tee!

The legendary Wu-Tang logo is all anyone needs to recognize a fan of the Wu but this particular shirt has some extra clues that you’re more than just a casual fan. In other words, be prepared for true disciples of classic 90s rap to come up and talk to you when you wear this shirt. And if you don’t have the knowledge to be in that conversation, maybe don’t wear this shirt…

What are the clues?


As you should know by now, Wutang is one of the two major styles of Chinese martial arts. (The other being Shaolin.) A mandatory element of this style is the Wudang Sword techniques. (Liquid Swords, anyone?) So the two crossed swords on this shirt aren’t just there because they look cool, son.

Also, the very shade of yellow is reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon jumpsuit, which is probably not an accident…

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