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Body Shaping Undershirt

Body Shaping Undershirt

Is it starting to look like your 2016 Beach Body may be showing up a few weeks late?

Have no fear, fellas!

Please allow drunkMall to introduce you dudes to the concept of “compression” clothing. Like pretty much anything, the ladies already know about it. (Google “Spanx” real fast, if you don’t know. Yeah, that’s been happening for a while now.)

The idea of compression clothing is that it brings your “stuff” in tight for a slimming look. This particular garment is for guys and focuses primarily on the gut area. If there’s a bit more flab than you’d like down there, this undershirt will pull it in and, because it’s so tight, it’s even supposed to help you improve your posture by making it uncomfortable to slouch.

It’s obviously not meant as a replacement for eating well and exercising regularly but if you need a bit of help, here ya go!

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