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Chocolate Assholes

Chocolate Assholes

Hey, asshole!

Want some chocolate?

You bet your sweet ass(hole) you do!

If there’s one thing Belgians know how to do, it’s make chocolate. (They’ve been doing it since the 1800s, after all. Someone would have probably stopped them by now if they sucked at it.)

This box contains three servings of awesome chocolate – one white, one milk and one dark. Also, each of the chocolates is molded into the shape of an actual human asshole – one white, one milk and one dark.

Honestly, the puns write themselves. It’s almost not even fair that we should get to have all the fun making the easy jokes because it’s pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel. So here’s what we’re gonna do: no more jokes in this post. You share this to social media along with a pun of your own!

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