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DIY Sushi Candy Kit

DIY Sushi Candy Kit

Assemble your own fun and flavorful sushi candy!

Some Westerners think sushi is nothing but “raw fish” and, of course, they couldn’t be more wrong. The experience is as much about the craft of assembling the meal as it is consuming the food on the plate.

This kit comes with everything you need (except water) to bring the art of making sushi to the fun world of candy! The instructions are simple enough to follow but there are also YouTube tutorials to help you out if you’re afraid of messing anything up.

Basically, you mix the various powders up with water and then shape them in molds or using the included tools to put together pieces of candy “nigiri.”

You’ll likely be pleased to learn that the finished candy does not, in fact, taste like fish. Rather, grape and soda are the flavors of this kit.

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