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Dog Drying Machine

Dog Drying Machine

We don’t seem to be any nearer to beginning our days on a grooming/feeding conveyor belt like George Jetson (which is total BS) but it looks like man’s best friend is making moves towards the future.

This thing is called the Puff-n-Fluff and it’s kinda like a combination between a trash bag and a blow dryer. For dogs. If you haven’t already figured out why someone would want this, then you have certainly never owned a dog.

The first thing a wet dog does after escaping from the source of wetness (usually by coming inside from the rain or a panicked escape from the bathtub) is shake its entire body and send water flying all over the place. This is less than ideal, obviously.

The other thing about wet dogs is that they smell gross, even after being towel dried. Contain the smell and the mess with the Puff-n-Fluff. Where most dogs don’t like blow dryers very much, many seem to enjoy the contained and comfortable warmth of this device.

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