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Homemade Twinkies Machine

Homemade Twinkies Machine

Remember when they stopped making Twinkies?!

It was horrible. For almost a full year, there were no new Twinkies made in America! That’s just not right. Wikipedia literally defines Twinkies as an “American snack cake.”

If the U.S. Government can bail out huge banks but they can’t keep Twinkies in production, what the hell is it good for?! Fortunately, some mega-rich private corporation realized the importance of the Twinkie institution and bought out the company, bringing Twinkies back to convenience store shelves and putting a stop to the outrageous eBay bidding wars on bulk lots of Twinkies…

But if there’s anything to be learned from survivalists, it’s that all of this could come crashing down again at any moment. That’s why this homemade Twinkies machine is such a wonderful and essential find.

Honestly, the mere thought of eating a fresh Twinkie while it’s still warm is making it difficult to concentrate on finishing this post. With the ability to bake six Twinkies at once, you and five friends can share that magical experience. This machine is made by Hostess and comes with the official recipe booklet, so you know it’s the real deal!

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