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Annoying Sound Torture Devices

Annoying Sound Torture Devices

Friendship is a magical thing.

If you don’t believe that, then you either don’t have the right kind of friends or you haven’t tried hard enough to see if your friendships can be broken. Because the best friendships can survive anything – even the most brutal of pranks!

Friends who don’t prank each other are boring friends.

Friends who do prank each other… Well, it’s a lot like developing a tolerance to drugs and alcohol. What used to get the job done at the beginning, it don’t get the job done anymore. You gotta take it up a notch… up a notch… more… worse… crazier… next level…

At a certain point, you’ll want to look into an Annoy-A-Tron. You probably figured it out already but if not, this is a tiny device that can be hidden pretty much anywhere and it sporadically emits sounds that slowly but surely annoy the living hell out of someone…

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