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Otamatone Touch Instrument

Otamatone Touch Instrument

It’s a fun and easy musical instrument that nearly anyone can play!

Honestly, it’s so much work to learn a traditional instrument and nobody even cares if you know how to play one anymore. At this point, you’ve got just as good a chance at being the world’s most famous otamatone player as making it as a guitarist, as long as you look basically perfect and dress basically perfect and have hair that’s basically perfect and… You get it…

The otamatone has percussion and melody in one device!

It’s fun and easy to play and it only marginally resembles a sperm cell!

Oh, you didn’t notice the sperm cell thing? We probably shouldn’t have brought that part up, then, huh…

Oh, well. If you want to make an omelette then you’ve gotta break a few sperm cells!

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