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Werewolf Mask and Gloves

Werewolf Mask and Gloves

Werewolf movies are all about the monster and the transformation scene. You can mess up a little bit anywhere else in the flick but if you drop the ball there, you’ve got a stinker on your hands.

Which is why you can’t just dick around and buy any old werewolf mask if you have any respect for the Horror genre. It’s gotta be right! Most werewolf masks don’t even come with the claws, which is exactly the kind of small detail that can make or break a good costume (especially if it’s being used for a prank).

Now, of course, there are some better masks than this, including a few that make use of animatronic technology to take it above and beyond everything else on the market. But for the price, this and the right (long-sleeved) outfit will get the job done spectacularly.

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