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Automatic Beer Pong Ball Rinser

Automatic Beer Pong Ball Rinser

Everyone could use a little help keeping their balls clean!

The world’s FIRST portable beer pong ball washer is here and it’s called The Clean Cup. Keep this automatic beer pong ball washer near the beer pong table – whether you’re at home or on the go – for simple and easy rinsing of pong balls.


They’re your friends or friends of your friends. Nobody’s saying they’re disgusting human beings but who knows where their hands have been? One of the players on the other team could have just finished a major league match of Spin the Bottle, you know?

You don’t need to be a germaphobe to appreciate waking up without a head full of snot in the morning, so do the sane thing and bring a little sanitation to the beer pong table.

With one-button operation, The Clean Cup rinses and returns a clean pong ball in only five seconds! Just drop, rinse and return!

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