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Blackout Clock

Blackout Clock

Deconstructing the traditional analog clock face results in a minimalist device that’s essentially a functional piece of modern art!

For today’s entrepreneurial minds, there’s nothing more important than cutting away the inessential. Streamlining of processes and minimizing data inflow to strictly critical information, these are the fundamentals of new business.

So when was the last time you looked at a clock on a wall?

If it was a digital clock, hey, wow, cool, a box on the wall that does the same thing as the phone in your pocket.

At the point, having a time telling device on a wall is a matter of interior design, a creative decision, feng shui, even….

So it’s gotta be analog to play that role but a standard analog clock’s design is an actual tragedy of useless information. All those numbers in a circle, serving no purpose except to remind you that they exist and are currently irrelevant unless one of the arms are near them…

This clock is beautiful, tells you the info you need to know from a clock and only the info you need to know from a clock!

[Blackout Clock isn’t the actual name of this product but it’s what we chose to call it because it sort of fits and because it’s in our Blackout Friday Countdown!]

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