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Aquarium Labyrinth

Aquarium Labyrinth

Does this remind anyone else of an underwater sealab compound?

Such a “70s dentist office” vibe coming off this labyrinth of aquariums! A series of full orb fishbowls are connected by tubes to form one incredible aqua habitat!

The complex piece comes with lights, silk plants, water pump, and filter. You can also score that slick retro table from the same website, if you want to stick with the whole old school science fiction writer’s library aesthetic.

Honestly, if you didn’t want to take on the responsibility of keeping one or several fish alive, you could just buy this is an art piece. If anyone thinks that’s weird then just make a joke about how you have sea monkeys living in there and you want to make sure they have plenty of room to live and play as they would in the wild.

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