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Chile Nelson Bottle Sleeve

Chile Nelson Bottle Sleeve

Protect the precious contents of your glass bottles with a spicy but chill bit of cloth insulation!

Foodiggity’s “Freaker” bottle sleeves are one-size-fits-all pieces made of stretchy fabric meant to slide over the body of your (presumably booze-filled) bottles. It adds a better grip than glass can give and puts a layer of padding between your breakable bottle and minor bumps that happen in transit.

The best part?

This design pays tribute to one of America’s greatest troubadours, Mr. Willie Nelson! He’s been transformed into a spicy pepper but you can still recognize him from his signature bandana and braids! For a spicy pepper, he’s a majorly chill dude! Let this Chile Nelson add some hippie-delic vibes to your beverage transportation!

Especially appropriate for use on bottle containing home brewed jalapeno or even habanero beers!

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