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Buddha Butter Dish

Buddha Butter Dish

Do you ever wonder how Buddha got fat?

Well, friend, here’s the deal: that’s the wrong question to ask.

Look at that Buddha.

See how happy he is?

That’s what you should want to know – how did Buddha get so happy?

The answer, of course, is modern capitalism and the opportunities for retail therapy that it provides! In what other time and place could you find a delightful Buddha butter dish?!

Also, while we’re asking questions, does anyone know what this shade of green is called? It’s super retro. Like a ’50s bathroom design scheme or something.

Anyway, one of the key elements to a happy life is not storing butter in the fridge. Yeah, you heard it here first. Keeping butter in the fridge is for sociopaths. Nobody wants hard butter and nobody needs hard butter. That soft creamy butter is what you want and you can get it by leaving your butter out in a covered dish, like this one!

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