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Super Mario Phone Pouch

Super Mario Phone Pouch

Need a new purse? This ain’t it.

Fashion and function don’t always travel hand-in-hand. (Seriously, have you ever even seen a fashion show? Nobody’s wearing most of that BS.) But sometimes fashionable items do serve a purpose. Technically, this bag is meant to serve the purpose of carrying a smartphone. That’s what it was designed for and it’s really to only thing that makes sense to do with it.

It’s about 3.7 inches by 5 inches, so it’ll fit most smartphones that were made before phablets came into existence. So, yeah.

Maybe you’re wearing a dress without pockets and literally the only thing you want to bring with you is your phone.

Maybe you’re a member of some secret Super Mario fan club and part of the rules are you have to show up with a new piece of Mario swag every time and you’re running out of ideas?

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