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Bernie Sanders Valentines 3-Pack

Bernie Sanders Valentines 3-Pack

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

That’s a holiday when everyone who still manages to believe in things like love and monogamy (despite the world happening around them), congratulates everyone else who believes in those things, specifically the one other person they do fuck stuff with.

Dreamers, what will we do with them?

Bernie Sanders could be called the king of the dreamers. He ain’t the President right now but most of the people who wanted him to be are still on the battlefield, fighting their fight, dreaming their dreams.

(See how we’re about to tie this together? That’s right. Take notes.)

Give your favorite dreamer in the world a Bernie Sanders valentine this year. Each order comes with 3 postcard-style valentines, so you can load one person up with adorable Bernie vibes or throw a couple to your besties celebrating Singles Awareness Day instead!

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